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Installation Process

All procedures followed by Visionary Marble and Tile, Inc. are in accordance or higher than ANSI or TEC standards.

1. Floor preparations - All indoor concrete floor installations are preceded by the removal of all materials that may inhibit a proper bond to floor such as; paint, sand, plaster, dust, etc. This is accomplished by scraping then scrubbing floor. A scraper is used to remove chunk material; water is then placed on floor to loosen remaining materials. Then scrubbing with a coarse broom to loosen plaster, knockdown, popcorn or orange peal. Removal of final material from floor is done with a sponge and water. If cracks in the floor are determined, then a peel-n-stick crack suppressor will be suggested to the customer. Some products may not be able to be removed from floor (paint, glue, sealer) in these cases, most are from remodel jobs, the customer or contractor is notified and another procedure will be discussed.
Outdoor flooring preparations are executed the same as the indoor procedures except in some cases acid may be used on the surface where needed.

2. Durock / wonder board installation - Installation of wall material will be as follows. Cut to fit then screwed to stud with galvanized screws or stainless steel to prevent screw rust. Perimeter will be screwed approx. six to eight inches with interior at ten to twelve. All corners and joints are taped with fiber joint tape then plaste#bc1515 with an unsanded thin set material with a laticrete bonding agent additive.
Installation of material to wood subfloors are executed the same as walls but material (durock) is first glued down to plywood with glue or thinset adhesive using a quarter inch notch trowel.
A waterproof membrane material could also be suggested such as the Schluter product for shower enclosures or other areas. This procedure gives assurance of a mold free area.

3.Wall tile installation - In wet areas such as shower stalls, counter tops, thin set is used to install tile. Where water is determined not to be a factor, tile adhesive (glue or mastick) will be used. Some areas for this second procedure are as follows; backsplash, walls outside shower or tub enclosure. In most instances a thinset material is used by VMT install’s.

4. Floor tile installation - Thin set material with proper standards will be used where application requires. Example; on all wood floors with durock installed on top, a flex bond thin set will be used. On all 1x1 to 4x4, 1/4 inch notch trowel is used, 6x6 to 10x10 a 3/8 notch trowel, 12x12 to 18x18 a 3/4 to ½ notch is used, anything above 20x20 should be installed like marble.
Floors that receive ½ inch brick pavers or Mexican tile, sealing procedures are requi#bc1515.

5. Glass block installation – Visionary uses its own special material for setting. This helps in setting block quicker without losing strength. It consists of sanded thin set, unsanded thin set, clay (carotex) and laticrete adhesive. Glass block mortar is then used to grout, or white cement and sand. Block spacers are used for setting and in some procedures; stainless metal rods are installed for strength between blocks. This can also be a recommendation by Visionary.

6. Marble (any cut stone or man made product) wall installation - Stone is set at a level consistency vertical and horizontal. All corners are set on a 90* angle where possible. Marble installed without grout joint (Butt Joint) unless requested. Material used to install is a mixture of sanded and unsanded thin set with carotex and laticrete added. Grout used depends on if stone is filled or unfilled. A stone cleaner is used before sealer (511 impregnator) is applied. In some cases a second clean is preformed and then stone and grout is sealed again with 511 porous plus.

7. Marble (any cut stone or man made product) floor installation - Same application as wall installation (ON LEVEL PLANE) except for materials used to set materials. Those materials consist of mason cement (TYPE N) and sand (mud set) between floor and stone. A buttering of floor and marble is also performed with a thinset/laticrete material. This is used for bonding.

8. Stone floor and wall installation - Material that are cut such as keystone or a flat stone such as flagstone are installed with the same application as marble floors. Anchors are also used on the wall installation. A stone such as Florida fieldstone or Kentucky mountain rock are installed with a masonry cement and sand mixture. Anchors are also used on wall application.

9. Waterfall installation - Stone are installed with high strength masonry cement and sand mixture with most installations the stone is stacked on top of each other. Stone selection made from quarry stone pile is requi#bc1515 by Visionary for waterfalls.

10. Counter tops, baths, floors, tubs (Solid surface) - Granite or any other, such as Sile stone, Quartzite, Ice stone, Marble, Onyx, is fabricated to owners specs. Any profile edge will be performed. VMT specializes in a profile called Natural Erosion, which is a hand performed profile. Other hand edge work can be done if owner would like. Prior to fabrication, templates are requi#bc1515. Under mounting of sinks as well as tubs. Hand carving in stone such as murals, sceneries, birds, animals etc. Installation also by VMT.

11. Fire places – We install all kinds of materials. Stone, tile, cut stone and solid block coral cut and carved to any specifications. Brick, stacked stone and flag stone are just a few.

12. Pavers (brick or other) – Removal and discard of any debris where pavers are installed. Approx. 6 inches or more removed and 5 to 6 inches of crushed concrete replacement. Tamped in area then1 to 2 inches of clean shell laye#bc1515 on top and smoothed to maximum height for paver install. Concrete then troweled around perimeter of pavers. VMT highly recommends a concrete pour (8x8 curb) around perimeter before these procedures for a more secure install of pavers. Final procedure is mason sand spread and swept between pavers and tamped down flat.